Terms & Conditions of Sale

You are about to enter into a legally binding contract with GetReg. Please make sure you understand the important information below.

All registrations are sold subject to availability and we cannot accept any responsibility in the unlikely event of the number plate no longer being available from the DVLA. All registration availability and prices on our website are subject to change,

Bespoke and personalised items are excluded from Consumer Contract Regulations 2013 for distant sales. This means you do not have the right to cancel your order once it has been placed. We will asses each cancellation request on a case by case basis and should the order not have progressed with the DVLA and they approve a refund of your personal plate we will be able to issue a full refund minus a £50.00 administration fee to cover our banking and administration costs, and for our time processing and arranging your cancellation. Should the order have been placed with the DVLA and they are unable to offer a refund, we will not be in a position to refund or cancel your original order. Refund requests must be raised via email to [email protected] within 7 days of purchase. 

If you select the Transfer option we will handle the transferring of your new plate to your existing vehicle. If you don't select this option you will received the certificate of entitlement in the post using the postal method selected at checkout.

Number plates cannot be used to make a car look newer than it is. As such you are accepting the notice in our booking path relating to the age of your veichle and that you are aware of what age veichle your chosen plate can be put onto. We take no responsibility for orders placed that are unsuitable for your car due to the plate being newer than the car. 

The £80 assignment fee and VAT are included in the total price.

You have 10 years to assign the registration number to your chosen vehicle, but the entitlement period can be extended shortly before expiry upon application.

If the vehicle to which this registration is to be assigned is not registered in your name as Purchaser, you should also complete the Nominee section. Once you have completed your purchase the Nominee details may only be changed upon application. Sometimes due to their own internal policies, car dealerships when registering your brand new car may not be able to accept our V750. Should this happen we will try to assist but ultimately may not be able to resolve with your dealership and you will need to find an alternative way of transferring the private plate to your car, such as using the V5 reference when it is received. GetReg are unable to accept any liability in this respect and will not be able to cancel your order.

The registration number can only be assigned to a vehicle which is registered, or about to be registered in the United Kingdom and which is an appropriate age to receive the registration number. At the time of assignment the vehicle must be licensed, of a testable type and have a test certificate in force, if applicable. Once you have assigned your number it may be transferred to another vehicle subject to the DVLA's transfer rules.

It is an offence to mis-represent the registration number in any way. Our number plates will always conform to the required standards.

—Version 1,2 -  27/02/2024

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