Terms & Conditions of Sale

You are about to enter into a legally binding contract with GetReg. Please make sure you understand the important information below.

If you select the Transfer option we will handle the transferring of your new plate to your existing vehicle. If you don't select this option you will received the certificate of entitlement in the post using the postal method selected at checkout.

The £80 assignment fee and VAT are included in the total price.

You have 10 years to assign the registration number to your chosen vehicle, but the entitlement period can be extended shortly before expiry upon application.

If the vehicle to which this registration is to be assigned is not registered in your name as Purchaser, you should also complete the Nominee section. Once you have completed your purchase the Nominee details may only be changed upon application.

The registration number can only be assigned to a vehicle which is registered, or about to be registered in the United Kingdom and which is an appropriate age to receive the registration number. At the time of assignment the vehicle must be licensed, of a testable type and have a test certificate in force, if applicable. Once you have assigned your number it may be transferred to another vehicle subject to the DVLA's transfer rules.

It is an offence to mis-represent the registration number in any way.